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Anyone play these courses in the local area, I normally play every Tues/ Thurs at one of these courses and am looking someone to play a few rounds with.

I normally shot 73-79 so I wouldn't be a burden in slowing a group down etc.
Let me know if you are interested.

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Silverstone no, but Badlands Rhodes Paiute Tuscany Reflection Bay Primm is good.....let me Know Alex 917.1718
im off on wed and thur but i normally play Painted Desert i always play as a single
Hi James..................I have played Siverstone twice now; Angel Park only once and Badlands coming up in a few weeks. Paiute is one of the more challenging with some of the best conditions around. I found a group that plays on Tuesday and Thursday pretty regular at various courses around the area at very affordable rates (large group contract). If you are interested, email me jack.smith@pcg.com.

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