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I would like to hear your comment on a putting statistic that is not commonly available.
My question to you - and your honest estimate is all I need, as the real thing will be quite difficult to determine.
If you landed ALL of your approach shots at 15 ft from the pin - what would your putting total be for your 18 holes?

Do you think you would need 18 putts, 24 putts, 36 putts, or how many?
Please respond by just telling me your gut feel of the number of putts you would need. I understand that a lot would depend on the condition, speed etc. This is just an estiate of your view on the average (fast - stimp 10) good condition, with no exceptional breaks but certainly not spirit level either!

It may seem like a stupid question, but your HONEST answers will be much appreciated, and valuable input for me!

Thanks for the help

Corrie van Rooyen
Pretoria - South Afr ica

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Well of course depending on the break and speed would be a big factor. But for average greens with average breaks I would say 29 putts..
Either my question is a very dumb one (with which I would partly agree, as the terms of reference as Cooper said, is rather open), or my good friends on 3-putters prefer to keep their answers to themselves (which I can also understand - not always a proud revelation to those who do better on the drives and weaker on the putts!)

The only other reason for not helping me with this exercise, would be that it just seems stupid to waste time thinking on such an insgnificant question.. (which I can also agree with,,)

For me however, the question is very significant as a first step towards a smaller, less costly Putt-Kew game.

Cooper guestimates that of 18 x 15 foot putts on an average green, no tricky breaks , he would sink about 7 in a single putt, 11 requiring 2 putts.

How about a few more thoughts on this? Your response will help me a great deal, even though I have very little really scientific to go on. Basically, it will help me decide whether or not to take the experiment a step up towards a live reality test or not.

Thank you!

On a good putting day, I would say 30, on a bad day...35. Hope this helps..
Thanks Ed - that's exactly the kind of info I need. Not 100% proven, but straight from the 'gut-feel'
I think that on a good day I would have 32 putts on a bad day 36. I did some reasearch, and found that players on the PGA Tour average 19% makes on putts from 15-19 feet. That's an average of 3.42 putts for 18 holes, and that the PGA Tour. I bet that if you tested most amateurs, that they would make maybe 2 in a round of golf.
Thanks Jonathan.
My question regarding the specific 15 foot putts, relates to my Putt-Kew game, which starts at 30 feet.
I am trying to pre-establish the general view regarding the difference between a 30 foot putt, and a 15 foot putt.
We have now also added some actual tests, and it appears the challenge is just slightly stronger on 30 feet than on 15 feet.
The game of 30 feet is a good par2 game, and the tests showed us that the 15 foot game is quite similair, with the occassional hole-in-one - just a few more at 15ft than on 30ft!
The only part I do not quite understand, is the 3.42 putts over 18 holes? My reasoning(which may be in error somehow) suggests 33.4 putts if 20% are single putts and the balance is 2-putts. Maybe 33.42 to allow for the odd 3-putt?

Thanks for your appreciated input.
Corrie van Rooyen

Thanks for your input.
I just wanted to clarify: The 3.42 number is the number of makes for 18 putts by the average PGA Tour player. With that average you would assume a PGA Tour player would average 36-3.42 or 32.58 putts per round assuming they hit every green in regulation and have putts between 15-19 feet.
Thanks for the clarification. I also followed up on what you stated, and found losts of valuable info for my purpose (prompted by your input here).
That, together with the details from questioning various players ranging from pro to hackers, is giving me the perception of players regarding their putting skills.
Your input has given me an invaluable source of supplementary information which I really appreciate.
Have a great day


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