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Please post what are your favorite five courses in Vegas from 1 to 5

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#1 Wolf Creek (Mesquite but close to Vegas) Moses must have created it..Wow !

#2 Rhodes Ranch My home course, best par 3's in town, love to play for money here..

#3 Revere Country Club (DragonRidge) Great layout !

#4 Badlands The Diablo 9 is my favorite, can shoot 90 one day 75 the next great target golf

#5 Bears Best 18 Famous holes designed by the Bear.. Great Course !!
#1 Paiute: Wolf Course
#2 Rio Secco
#3 Wolf Creek ( Mesquite)
#4 Revere (Lexington)
#5 Siena
Hopefully, in April, Coyote Springs will be on the list.
1.Dragon Ridge
2.Primm Valley (Lakes)
3.Rio Secco
4.Reflection Bay
5.TPC Las Vegas
1. Revere Lexington
2. Bear's Best
3. Primm Lakes
4. Red Rock Arroyo
5. Boulder Creek

Really like are June jaunt to St George, play Wolf Creek Fri, Coral Canyon & Sand Hollow Sat, spend Sunday @ Sunbrook playing there 3 9's.
1) Spanish Trail
2) Shadow Creek
3) South Shore
4) Primm (Lakes)
5) Anthem C.C.
how do you get on Shadow Creek? must be baller, or know some baller..

Frankie said:
1) Spanish Trail
2) Shadow Creek
3) South Shore
4) Primm (Lakes)
5) Anthem C.C.
#1 Rhode Ranch
#2 Siena
#3 Desert Willow ( nice par 60)
#4 Legacy
#5 Black Mountain
Those are the courses I play most.
My question is how do you guys get on those private courses in vegas? Any kook up?
Bear's Best (It makes you think on almost every shot)
Paiute (I like all 3 courses. Always in great shape, awsome greens)
Coyote Springs (Great golf course. Excellent condition)
Boulder Creek (A fun golf course)
Boulder City (A classic course with fast greens and real rough)
#1 Dragon Ridge - before it went private.
#2 Red Rock Arroyo - home of my lowest score, 72. Back in mid 80's now.. grrrr!
#3 Black Mountain - play it almost every week. Great course for an affordable price.
#4 Boulder Creek - Very forgiving fun course, if you can find a day without too much wind!
#5 Reflection Bay - Never played it but always wanted to. Hope they reopen it.

Back after 3.5 years, my top 5 2012.

1. Primm both courses amazing

2. Paiute every time I play here I wonder why I play elsewhere

3. Bear's Best best views of all the Summerlin courses

4. Coyote Springs middle of BFE but a beautiful track

5. Revere Lexington just luv this place


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