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ProGolf IQ - Do you use your right brain?

G'Day Fellow Golfers,

One aspect of the game of golf that remains a mystery to most golfers is the inside game. You know that dreaded 6 inches of space between the ears that can make your round of golf pure pleasure or a total nightmare! I sincerely believe that correct mental decisions made with a relaxed mind will hold you in good stead when the cannons are going off out on the golf course. Golf sometimes is a mind battle, if you are… Continue

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Heel Shafted Putters

G'Day Fellow Golfers,

Every man and his dog has ended up with a Heel Shafted Putter in the last 30 years. We will discover in this post if the H.S.P. is an asset or a liability. Have we all been sold the dummy? Is it time to upgrade to a mechanically correct putter? Previously we have covered finding the sweetspot on a H.S.P., but today's post will go way further to clear your mind of rumours and untruths.

Lets just take time out to place an image in your mind, something… Continue

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Perfect Putting Posture

G'Day Fellow Golfers,

Little is said about putting posture, in today's post we will discover the must do's as well as a few tricks to get your body in the perfect position to stroke the putter head back and through on the correct plane. Have you ever had that feeling, when you first address the ball, that this putt is going anywhere but the hole? If so, it is time to create a positive pre-putt process.

Pre-Putt Process

As… Continue

Added by Grant Westthorp on October 31, 2009 at 3:51am — No Comments


Finding the perfect putter to fit your unique characteristics is not rocket science but essential if you want to perform your best on the green. It amuses me to see golfers spending $500 on a driver that they will use only 14 times on most golf courses and skimping on the most used golf club in their bag their PUTTER. Here are the guidelines to follow when you select your next putter.

Length (Fact) The length of your putter shaft should be determined by your arm length and posture. A… Continue

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It is the mind that plays the shot!

See the amazing Arnold.pps

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G'Day Fellow Golfers,

This should be the easiest thing to do in the world you would think! The problem arises if you are putting with a heel shafted putter. If you are putting with a heel shafted putter finding the sweetspot will be like finding the G-Spot. Possible but difficult. Most golfers fail to realise that if the shaft is attached towards one end of the putter head the sweetspot is more likely to be located more towards that end… Continue

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