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Finding the perfect putter to fit your unique characteristics is not rocket science but essential if you want to perform your best on the green. It amuses me to see golfers spending $500 on a driver that they will use only 14 times on most golf courses and skimping on the most used golf club in their bag their PUTTER. Here are the guidelines to follow when you select your next putter.

Length (Fact) The length of your putter shaft should be determined by your arm length and posture. A key point here is that your eyes must be directly over the ball at address, this has generally reduced the shaft length in the last 5 years from 35/36" more down to 33/32". This length is measured from the sole of the putter to the top of the grip.

Loft (Fiction) The only need for loft is to get the ball lifted and skidding. Both of these conditions are well avoided. The putter face should provide instant topspin which is healthy to keeping the ball online and holing putts.

Lie Angle (Fact)
Selecting the perfect lie angle for you is essential if you want to avoid heel or toe drag during the stroke. Correct Lie Angle + Correct Shaft Length will position your body so that the putter head is flat on the ground and your eyes are directly over the ball. Hit the link below to discover the easiest way to determine your lie angle.

Toe and Heel or Face Balance (Fiction)
If you need to have additional weighting on either the Toe or Heel or Face of your putter it is time to upgrade. I must admit I did sell a thousand putters spruking this old wife's tale in the past but like time you must move on and stop spreading untruths for the sake of a quick sale!

Grip Size (Fact)
The grip size on your putter should perfectly fit your hand size. It would seem logical to match the grip to your hands so that they can relax and give you positive feed back on each stroke. Hit the link below to discover the easiest way to determine your grip size.

Moment of Inertia (Fiction)
Does the earth move for you when you hit the ball with the putter? The easy way to fix this is to position the golf ball on the sweetspot and stroke through!

Head Size and Head Weight (Fact)
Your putter head size and head weight should match your stroke strength and speed of greens. It makes sense that if your stroke strength is weak a heavier head will get the ball up to the hole. It is also is logical that if you play on lightening fast greens a lighter putter will be easier to control. There is a Putter Company that offers 3 x Head Sizes and 3 x Head Weights. Hit the link below to discover the easiest way to determine your head size and head weight.

Face Grooves (Fiction)
Grooves = Lift. Lift = Skid. You see where I am coming from? Your putter should impart instant topspin from the get go, if not upgrade.

Centre Shaft Putters (Fact)
If the shaft is located in the centre of the putter head that is both centre from toe to heel as well as from face to the back of the head, you will hole more putts. That is the only point where the head would balance on a pin. Consistency is born in your stroke when your hands and putter head swing together as a team, especially when your hands are pointing at the sweetspot as well as the pin balance point.

Offset Hosel (Fiction)
Why would you want to disconnect your hands from the putter head? This also includes bent shafts, if the putter head is out of balance you will see plenty of offset and bent shafts.

My last comment is on face inserts, again why would you place a piece of sponge cake on your putter face? If you want to disconnect your hands from head/ball feel be my guest. Just another way to sell a putter I guess!

Free Putting Advice #2
Here is a simple drill to follow to learn how to improve your distance control. I call it "follow the leader", use 2 balls on the practice green, putt the first ball away from you and then close your eyes and putt the second ball to touch the first. By closing your eyes you will improve your feel for the correct stroke required. It is also a great way to feel if your body is moving out of the stroke too early.

Regards and good golfing,
Best Putter


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