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Fascinated watching this fun-filled golf site grow

At this pont, being just a bit far from Nevada USA, I must just say that I am overjoyed by the progress and growing of this family of golfers!
What is most pleasing to observe, is the addition of a fairly large contingent of Californians - whereas initially, I saw mostly Nevada members joining, and mostly from good old Las Vegas.

Being way down south, I am unlikely to join in your fun that end, but I look forward to the first inter-state challenge between 3Putter members.

Just want to express my sincere wish that you will all cooperate to grow this rather initimate group, and eventually extend it to include all of the states - you have no idea of the pleasure I derive just watching the interaction between members on the other side of the seasons.

I also have a little hobby network - where I collect photo's of clouds and sunsets - and I will appreciate your addition of your favourite own photo's there. It is non-commercial, and really just for fun. Please visit my http://www.cloudsnsunsets.ning.com if you have a minute or ten to spare.

Have a happy day, and as Cooper always says - drive 'em straight! - and as I tend to say - Putt 'em in!

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Comment by Cooper on May 15, 2009 at 10:17pm
Thanks Corrie..
Everyone please add a picture or two of your favorite sunsets or clouds to Corrie's site..thanks..Cooper

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