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G'Day Fellow Golfers,
This should be the easiest thing to do in the world you would think! The problem arises if you are putting with a heel shafted putter. If you are putting with a heel shafted putter finding the sweetspot will be like finding the G-Spot. Possible but difficult. Most golfers fail to realise that if the shaft is attached towards one end of the putter head the sweetspot is more likely to be located more towards that end rather than in the middle of the putter head. What about heel and toe weighting I hear you say? I must admit that I have sold thousands of putters on the heel and toe weighting myth/theory so even I am guilty of spreading that rumour! If your old putter is heel shafted the head will always be out of balance, it makes no difference how much weight you load on both ends of the head. Try these two simple tests to see if your old putter is a friend or a foe!

Tap Test - Hold your putter softly 6“ below the head in one hand and tap directly on the sweetspot as marked by the manufacturer. If your putter head turns or twists your sweetspot will be off centre and your putter is a foe! (See the diagrams below in the side bar.)

Head Twist Test - Hold the shaft vertical between your hands about 6" below the putter head with the grip pointing towards the ground. Rotate the shaft back and forth, if the head moves off vertical and out of balance your old putter is a foe! (See the diagrams below in the side bar.)

Your putter should be your best friend not your worst enemy!

Finding a central sweetspot putter is the key, this putter’s shaft will be precisely located in the centre of the putter head; that is centre from toe to heel as well as from the face to the back of the putter head. That is the only point where the putter head would balance on a pin.

This mechanically correct central shaft position has many benefits:

1. OPTIMUM FACE BALANCE, this simply means at impact you will have equal weight either side of the shaft.

2. IMPROVED EYE/HAND BALL COORDINATION, your hands will actually point at the impact position/sweetspot on the putter head.

3. ENCOURAGES A PENDULUM STROKE, because the head is perfectly balanced, it will swing back and through in a pendulum movement.

4. IMPROVES BALL STRIKE, you will have sweet impact off the putter face every time.

5. INSTANT TOPSPIN OF THE PUTTER FACE, means more direct ball roll which will boost your confidence with the shortstick.

6. POSITIVE BALL ROLL FROM THE GET GO, because the head maintains the angle to the ball.

Hitting the golf ball off the sweetspot on your putter head every time will not only give you more confidence but will reduce your score. If you want to see the value of a centre shafted putter have a look at the side and top angle launch videos on this blog site.

Visit www.quantumputters.com for details on the finest centre shafted putter money can buy! THIS PUTTER EVEN COMES WITH A CONVEX SWEETSPOT KNOB TO PRACTICE HITTING OFF THIS POSITION!


For identification and alignment, draw a horizontal line following the dimples on the side of the golf ball. Now draw a vertical line crossing the horizontal line as per diagram. The vertical line is used to square up the clubface, the horizontal line is to be pointed in the direction you wish the golf ball to travel.

Thank you for reading this blog, I will be posting the next blog on the 27th September and the topic will be “CUSTOM PUTTER FITTING”.

Regards and good golfing,
Grant Westthorp

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