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G'Day Fellow Golfers,

Every man and his dog has ended up with a Heel Shafted Putter in the last 30 years. We will discover in this post if the H.S.P. is an asset or a liability. Have we all been sold the dummy? Is it time to upgrade to a mechanically correct putter? Previously we have covered finding the sweetspot on a H.S.P., but today's post will go way further to clear your mind of rumours and untruths.

Lets just take time out to place an image in your mind, something that we can all picture and have used in every round of golf, your golf shoe. Imagine, we are going to use your golf shoe as a substitute putter head. Stay with me here and all will be revealed shortly.

Okay, we are going to place a golf shaft in the middle of the heel on your golf shoe, this will represent the shaft in a H.S.P. Try swinging this new putter and you will find it will be totally out of balance, now we could add extra weight in the toe and heel or behind the sweetspot an hope for a better outcome. However the head will still open like a gate on the backswing because it is out of balance and twist in your hands. Previously we had marked the middle of the shoe as the sweetspot, as the head comes into impact the golf ball strikes the shoe and immediately twists because there is not enough support behind the sweetspot even with the added weight. To add to our woes our hands have realised the impending disaster and are gripping way too tight, this will take feel out of the hands which will upset our distance control.

We will now place the shaft in the middle of the golf shoe behind the sweetspot. That is middle from toe to heel as well as from inside to outside. The shaft placement is vital because it makes it much easier to make a pendulum stroke because the putter head is now totally in balance. When you strike the golf ball the head is not going to twist because you will have equal weight either side of the shaft. The two bonus's are that your hands will hold the putter softly because the head will not twist at impact which will increase your feel for distance control. Secondly your hands are pointing at the sweetspot so this will enhance your eye ball co-ordination.

Why did we buy a Heel Shafted Putter again? Seems fairly obvious that we have not only been sold the dummy, but we have supplied the money to finance it! Check out www.quantumputters.com for a mechanically correct putter!

Free Advice #4
I will be talking about Heel Shafted Putters and Mindlessness on the putting green on Radio Golf Club next Saturday Nov 7, details from website http://www.radiogolfclub.com broadcast at 7.am Hawaii ST

Regards and good golfing,
Best Putter

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