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Today I went to the range to try out my new and improved R9 460 driver and the "09" Burner Irons. Let's start with the R9 460 Driver.
The technical stuff;
The R9 Driver hit the market with a bang and since then has been put into golf bags across every major tour and golfers from all around the world. What set the R9 apart from the rest of the golf marketplace was its Flight Control Technology (FCT). FCT gives the golfer the power to easily change the club’s face angle, loft and lie angle simply by loosening a bolt in the sole, rotating the shaft into the designated position, then tightening the bolt. Does it work? Verdict is still out. When I learned that Taylormade was releasing a new version of the R9, I must admit I was a little skeptical. Compared to the R9 driver, the R9 460 driver has a larger head, deeper clubface, and lower and deeper-back center of gravity (CG), qualities that deliver a higher MOI for greater forgiveness and a higher spin-rate, helping low-spin players keep the ball in the air longer for increased carry and distance. Another major difference is the lack of Movable Weight Technology (MWT) that was found in the original driver. It gives players more ability to customize the ball flight and my initial reaction was that I was going to miss this quite a bit.
The 460 gets the ball up faster and I did experience a slight distance gain with it. The mis-hits were more forgiving and I did love the way the club addressed the ball.
All in all I love the new driver, I will change the grip and head cover like most as Taylormade gets a bit boring in this department.

As for the Iron's..
Okay first of all I have to tell you, I love the look and feel of these irons! The new dark color has almost a "Darth Vador" look to them and the way they sit on the ground gives you a feeling of confidence. Now keep in mind I haven't been playing too much as of late so my swing really is lacking not that it was good before. But these irons just felt so good in my hands that I am really looking forward to hitting the course and not just the range.
Although the clubhead is bigger than I am used to, I could still feel and shape the ball on most shots. I am planning on getting out in the next couple days so stay tuned..As you know, if I can't hit them they will be up for sale soon...Cooper

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