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G'Day Fellow Golfers,

Little is said about putting posture, in today's post we will discover the must do's as well as a few tricks to get your body in the perfect position to stroke the putter head back and through on the correct plane. Have you ever had that feeling, when you first address the ball, that this putt is going anywhere but the hole? If so, it is time to create a positive pre-putt process.

Pre-Putt Process
As soon as you take the first step on to the putting green you should be engaging your practiced pre-putt process. Here is a blueprint to follow:
1. Mark and clean your golf ball.
2. Take a few deep breaths while looking at the line of the putt from midway on the low side.
3. Take a last look from ground level directly behind the golf ball.
4. Place your putter 1 foot behind and in line with where you wish to send the golf ball.
5. Place feet parallel to this line.
6. Stroke back and through.

NOTE STEP#2. Get air deep into your body, this will calm your mind and create a relaxed balanced stroke.

Shoulder Alignment
Perfect shoulder alignment makes it easy to stroke back and through with a pendulum stroke. Step 4 in your pre-putt process should go a long way to at least getting your feet in line. Most golfers address putts with their shoulders facing well to the left. Here is a simple test to check to see where your shoulders point at address. Place a club on the ground and set into your putting address position with both feet touching the club. Now, lift the putter and hold it across your chest and see if both shafts are parallel, move the shoulders open and then shut to feel the difference. As I mentioned before most golfers have a tendency to set much too open. It is easy to feel the correct square shoulder position once you know what is right or wrong. Holding this square shoulder position throughout the stroke will bring many benefits to your putting.

Neck Alignment
If you want to look directly down on to the top of the golf ball it would make sense if you set your neck angle parallel to the ground. Most golfers tend to keep their neck at a 75 degree angle and they are actually looking past the golf ball at address which means that seeing the correct line and keeping the stroke pendulum is impossible. The best way to sort this is to get a friend to take a photo of you at address from the target end.

Free Advice #3
Your Perfect Lie Angle for a Putter
Having your correct lie angle on your putter is your lifeline to having no surface drag on the putter head during the back and forward stroke. Get a friend to snap a photo from the target perspective following these guidelines. Set up a golf ball on a flat green or on the carpet at home. Hold your 9 iron just below the head. Place the grip end directly behind the golf ball. Set your eyes directly over/above the golf ball. You can check this position by dropping a tee from your eye position, the tee should strike the top of the golf ball. During the fitting move your hands up and down the shaft until you are comfortable. Take the photo from the target end to the golfer, this will show the angle of the shaft quite clearly. Having the perfect lie angle will set your hands into the ideal position to encourage the pendulum-putting stroke
If you are confused or require more information, download these instructions with pictures from the PDF File at the bottom of this page.

Spend more time on the practice putting green and watch your scores drop.

Good golfing,
Grant Westthorp

Copyright © Grant Westthorp 2009

Quantum Putter Fitting 09 888.pdf

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